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What does it cover?

How to apply?



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Get 100% financing to build your ADU!

Did you miss out on the ADU Grant Program? Don't worry, Multitaskr can help! Build with us and qualify for total financing at the lowest APRs in the market.

Get $40K to build your ADU!

The ADU Grant Program offers up to $40,000 for pre-development costs per qualified homeowner to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Who's Eligible For the Grant?

Homeowners across 52 counties in California who meet the income requirements are eligible to use this grant to assist in the funding of their Accessory Dwelling Unit.










Did you miss out on the grant? Multitaskr offers 100% financing for your ADU. Check your eligibility by downloading our ADU Financing Guide.
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What does it cover?

The ADU Grant Program covers pre-development costs like:

Material List PDP icon

We make sure your project is permitted and approved by the city!

Home Inspection icon
Site Prep

We inspect the project site and make sure it is ready for construction!

Architect Project Development Plan Icon
Architectural Drawings

Our team of architects provide a 2D layout of your project!

3D Renders icon
Project Design

Our in-house designers create a lifelike 3D design of your project!

COnstructin estimate icon

We provide a detailed and accurate estimate of your project!

How to apply?

We’ll take care of it all so you don’t have to. See the reasons why Multitaskr is the right choice for your ADU project!

ADU Grant Program Application icon
1. Project Consultation

Book a FREE consultation with one of our ADU experts for guidance to start applying for this grant.

ADU Grant Program Financial Report icon

We gather the necessary information to run a financial report and pre-qualify you for your grant funds!

ADU Grant Program Loan Approval icon

Receive the grant amount included in the renovation loan to fund your project!

AGP Construction Icon

With the help of the Project Development Plan, our in-house construction team will build your ADU accurate to your vision.

AGP Grant Disbursement Icon

The funds are wired to your loan account. This lowers the ADU construction loan principal that the homeowner has to repay.

AGP Pre-Development Icon
4. Project Development Plan

It includes site evaluation, 2D plans, 3D designs, a detailed scope of work, finishes, and a project estimate!

All CalHFA ADU Grant funds are fully reserved. Build your ADU with Multitaskr and qualify for 100% ADU Financing!

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Everything you need to know about California’s ADU Grant Program
Everything you need to know about California’s ADU Grant Program

What should you know about the ADU Grant Program? We will assist with the application process and streamline the pre-construction services covered by the grant.


Still have questions about the ADU Grant Program? The following list of frequently asked questions might provide the answers.

How much can I get from the ADU Grant Program?

Eligible homeowners can get up to $40,000 towards pre-construction costs.

Do you offer services nationwide?

We currently only offer services in the state of California.

What are pre-construction costs?

This is any service that prepares the home and site for construction. Some examples include site prep, architectural drawings, designs, permits, and more!

What documents should I have ready to apply?

You will provide a few financial documents like pay stubs, bank statements, employment history, and previous tax returns.

Do I need to have a contractor?

You don't need to have a contractor to begin applying, but for fast approval, we recommend working with a general contractor like Multitaskr so the lender can know your project overview and quickly approve your grant and renovation loan!

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Do I need to run permits myself?

You can do it yourself, but sometimes it can be a cumbersome process. Therefore, we encourage you to work with a company like Multitaskr to help you speed things up.

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